Monday, October 21, 2013

The guy you want on your team...

Ok, this is Owen (machinegunnerusmc) and he streams here:  Hands down this is the guy you want on your team.  If I had a company I'd offer him a job in a second and sponsor him otherwise.  He swears at times, he smokes - and I guess that in popular culture that would make him an anti-hero, but he comes closer to being the ideal teammate that I've ever come across (yup even compared to movies).

I came across his stream from Zalrium (a player on League of Legends) and have no idea where Zalrium found about him.  If you've played multiplayer online games like League of Legends you've undoubtably come across people that rage and troll and make the experience unpleasant at times...  But occasionally you come across someone that's fun as heck to play with: maybe they teach you something new or point out something that you are doing wrong (in a nice way) or invite you to play with more good people.

The key thing is that you don't know anything about who they really are - they could be a 13 or 80 years old, they may be great players or they might just have a talent for explaining what they see - they could be down the street or across the world - who and where they are in real life doesn't matter.  Players can make a huge difference in somebody's day without ever knowing it.

Owen has insanely great skills at the game - but that's not what makes him the ideal teammate...  On his stream he plays with normal viewers (even low level) and some of the best people in the world.  While he gives lots of hints and explains his thought processes while playing (guaranteed you will learn something), he points of streams from other really great players - but what makes his stream special is that you get to see how he interacts with every type of person.  You get to see his true character (and yup this guy has more character than any marine scripted in the movies).  He really is the guy who can bring people together and make things happen - he's the type of person you want with you when things go wrong...

If he's streaming and you have time watch for a bit.  I have no idea why he doesn't have more viewers (maybe he recently started streaming) but he's the type of player that ought to be held up as the archetype of the who you want on your team (whether it's in a game or real life).