Monday, June 20, 2011

It's time for people to stop feeling helpless...

It seems that every day I run into more people that seem to feel that the world is going to hell, the economy is falling apart, hope for the future is lost and the world will be worse for the future generations... I'm not entirely certain whether this festering despair is spreading from person to person slowly or whether it is the result of some widely dispersed media.  Either way I don't believe that it's malicious (perhaps indented to sell products - but I have trouble believing that anyone wishes to spread despair).

Well the truth is that the world isn't going to hell, the economies aren't falling apart, hope is never lost and the world will be better in the future... (but perhaps not everywhere at the same time).

Recently there have been lots of scandals and increasingly scary stories predicting doom and gloom for all... (whether it's jobs or benefits or fuel of food or ideology - or just about anything else that might hold value).  It's not unexpected really...

From time to time some members of society figure out a "new" way to trick the rest of the population for their personal benefit - these "lucky" few get to wield power and over time acquire the majority of the assets - for a time... Then things change and eventually the cycle repeats (it will always repeat because there will always be someone that want's "more").  That's just the way it is...  It's not a bad thing or a good thing (perhaps it is better to say that it has both good and bad characteristics at the same time depending on where you stand).

What most individuals always seem to forget it that they have a choice in the matter (if people always made rational choices then these cycles wouldn't happen - but people have flaws and can be tricked and misled and taken advantage of when they give up their choices voluntarily).

If people decided to spend their money locally (in their village or town or state or country) on products that benefit that community (perhaps jobs or investment or whatever else is lacking at a given time) then the local economy will prosper and grow.  If people want the overall education quality to improve then they need to read books and study themselves rather than watching television (it's absurd to think that children will "get" an education from a school when they come home to parents that just sit in front of a television and can't discuss complex issues).  If people want excellence rather than mediocrity than the people themselves need to at least attempt to be "better" today than they were the the day before.  It people want more jobs in their community then spend the money locally rather than trading it away to a faceless company that will use it to gain more profits (which of course does not mean local investment).  There is no end to the little things an individual can do to affect the world.

It's not complicated, it doesn't take a revolution, it doesn't take a single powerful entity to fix the world...  If individual people just act rationally in their own interests and do what they "think" is right then society will advance in the right direction. 

The key is that people have to realize is that deciding for oneself is not a right or a privilege that can be taken away - it is as inherent to each person as their soul and therefore more valuable than anything else that exists.