Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Only what we make of it...

In a way we all live in our own tiny worlds... separated from others by the walls we put up, by the paths we choose to take, by the things we acknowledge or ignore.  (bigger)

When our little worlds get damaged we simply rebuild them - perhaps changing a bit here and there to suit the interests we have at the time.  But when our expectations about the way in which the world works - how people should behave - which beliefs are more valid or important - how injustices should be handled - that's when emotions show up...

Faced with things beyond our control (outside of the little worlds we feel comfortable in) most of us freeze up... We tend not to act but rather to wait, hoping that some magic will cause the problem to go away, danger abates, economies recover, oil vanishes, politicians change... (bigger)

Emotions (especially fear) are powerful things... for a bit they overpower logic and rational thought - useful for survival, but in the end leaving us empty... alive perhaps, but empty - they never lead to anything productive - only survival.

It seems to me that for too much of the world it is enough only to survive right now.  The visions of making things better, of peace, of happiness, of understanding all seem to be lost for so many... They want only to survive - but what good is a life where everything is driven by fear and hope is only a magical wish that someone else will solve the problems and injustices of the world?

Why do the same people pick up the pieces so quickly when a natural disaster strikes and yet sit idling at the side when the destruction is from the hands of another?