Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer eagles...

Had the day off work and felt like shooting eagles and while summer usually isn't anything like the fall/winter activity, it ended up being a good day. (bigger)

My goal for the day was to practice tracking birds in flight (I figured that if there weren't eagles at least there would be gulls so it should be an achievable goal. (bigger)

I was surprised that there were a decent number of juveniles around but not that much competition for the catches (usually it gets rather dramatic when one succeeds and the others converge)... (bigger)

Overall it was an all around successful day, lots of time observing behavior and learning new things that hopefully translate into better work later int he year.  (bigger)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Not all can be possessed...

Some things in this world appear solid until touched - a pursuit that holds the promise right up until the point at which it is touched... (bigger)

That moment when it seems success has come, the object captured is brief however... (bigger)

and we learn that not all things can be possessed... (bigger)

That doesn't mean they aren't still fun to play with...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Less traveled...

Sometimes I think the key to happiness in life is to care about the little places overlooked by others... the places where you can find something meaningful and special... (bigger)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To live only in a moment...

As the days pass recently, almost everything I hear is negative... Natural disasters, human disasters, unfairness, disparities, injustices... even the intended amusements seem to be focused in conflict and confusion...

The only thing that keeps me sane most days is the fact that Mischka (my dog) is oblivious to all the trappings of humanity and society... (bigger)

For to a dog, the world is always new - reborn each instant with possibility and the past is but a fleeting memory with little significance.  (bigger)

To be happy with what the world offers, no matter where one is, no matter what was expected, no matter what was planned is something wonderful...  (bigger)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reverse butterfly kisses...

Out in the river on a hot and muggy day we were suddenly surrounded by somewhere between 10 and twenty butterflies.  It seems that there was a great rush of excitement and pushing and shoving for the attention of only one... (bigger)

It's all about being the one to get the reverse butterfly kisses... (bigger)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Only what we make of it...

In a way we all live in our own tiny worlds... separated from others by the walls we put up, by the paths we choose to take, by the things we acknowledge or ignore.  (bigger)

When our little worlds get damaged we simply rebuild them - perhaps changing a bit here and there to suit the interests we have at the time.  But when our expectations about the way in which the world works - how people should behave - which beliefs are more valid or important - how injustices should be handled - that's when emotions show up...

Faced with things beyond our control (outside of the little worlds we feel comfortable in) most of us freeze up... We tend not to act but rather to wait, hoping that some magic will cause the problem to go away, danger abates, economies recover, oil vanishes, politicians change... (bigger)

Emotions (especially fear) are powerful things... for a bit they overpower logic and rational thought - useful for survival, but in the end leaving us empty... alive perhaps, but empty - they never lead to anything productive - only survival.

It seems to me that for too much of the world it is enough only to survive right now.  The visions of making things better, of peace, of happiness, of understanding all seem to be lost for so many... They want only to survive - but what good is a life where everything is driven by fear and hope is only a magical wish that someone else will solve the problems and injustices of the world?

Why do the same people pick up the pieces so quickly when a natural disaster strikes and yet sit idling at the side when the destruction is from the hands of another?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Both juveniles made it...

I went out to check on the eagles nest to see how this year's little ones were doing.  This is a quick composite of one of the two while it was scouting.  (bigger)

The other one seemed happy just to just wait in a tree near the nest.  (bigger)

There's just something nice about seeing both offspring survive and doing well. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

To convey...

There is something interesting to me about the idea of things just beyond our ability to understand.  Things just beyond our perception, things stretched out over time, things that give more meaning than what the obvious tangible aspects of nature allow.  (bigger)

What conveys meaning is intent... not position or detail or history... intent.  Without intent there can be no meaning, no purpose, no specialness to existence.  (bigger)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finding out...

No matter how much confidence one has in predicting reactions in dangerous situations, there really is no way of knowing until it happens... (bigger)

It's a very scary thing when you find yourself unexpectedly in a situation where that adrenaline surge kicks in so hard and so fast that cognition and rational thought fall away faster than leaves in a hurricane.  To be left with only reflexes (no matter how practiced and tuned) is to be at the mercy of who you really are... no chance to hide your fears or anxieties... no chance to delay a decision... no chance to pretend to be what you are not... it's just raw survival.

While it's a great and exciting feeling to look back and realize that you made it through unscathed - that your reflexes and training will save you - finding out that in a maximum pressure situation your expectation about whether you would run away or hold your ground was wrong is unsettling.  But even so, finding out a little more about who you truly are does bring confidence - experience matters in life, sometimes more than anything else...