Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unobtainable forms...

Sometimes I feel like trying something different - not so much "trying to look at things from a different perspective" but rather trying to "feel" the situation in a different way. (bigger)

One morning the sun happened to be just right and unlike most days where only a few bees at a time would scavenge pollen - slowing moving from one flower to the next, there were nearly a hundred swarming about... Almost all of them seemed to be carrying as much as they could and yet still they wanted more... (bigger)

Chaos reigned as they furtively slammed into flowers, unsatisfied and yet seemingly compelled to continue...  pollen was everything... (bigger)

It was a situation where the details could not define... the moment was about something present and yet unobtainable... beyond possession, a desire that could not be captured... (bigger)