Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the tall grass...

Heading back from the fields the dog stopped and began with sniff about in the deep grass and as I approached (suspecting to find a snake) a little bird (clearly just out of the nest) had landed in the tall grass - unable to escape... (bigger)

I tried to push down some grass in a wide area hoping it would fly away, but it was only able to travel a few inches off the ground and could not yet gain enough altitude.  Nothing seemed wrong physically, I suspect that it was just too new to the world.  (bigger)

I looked around and couldn't see the nest (but the trees are quite large here so that's not so surprising).  I decided that it was unsafe to leave it trapped int he grass so I picked it up... (causing some nearby cardinals - parents? - to make a terrible racket on some branches just into the woods.  I carried it to the edge where the woods and the field meet and set it down where it could at least seek protection under the thorny bushes.  Hope it survives... (bigger)