Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What remains...

Did you ever wonder what's on the other side of the fence?  Along the highway there are almost always fences, and what's behind them is usually a mystery.

Sometimes there are wooded areas, nature retaking what man has abandoned.  Sometimes nature reclaims what man has abandoned.  All that is left of his little bridge is some concrete and iron, the wood that people walked on has long since decayed.  No one bothered to take it down - it was simply forgotten. (bigger versions)

Remnants of the bolts turned by hand, adjusted to a specific tension to let the wood expand and contract remain - threads eroded and fused so the memory is locked until the reason itself is gone.
(bigger versions)
Nature never cares though, things just are - things will be used in what ever way possible.  While we may not like the aesthetics of what we have done (and continue to do), nature doesn't care. (bigger versions)