Friday, May 21, 2010

To live a bit better...

There is a large estate bordering the woods I usually travel and from time to time cows appear... It's a great thing to see they wandering about in such a  diverse and complex environment.  (bigger versions)

While a fence stops them from entering the river they have many wooded areas with streams in which they can seek shelter from the sun.  They often watch the dog playing in the river and I get the feeling that even though they have a better environment than most cows - they still want more.  (bigger versions)

What I can't figure out is why the owners bring the cows in... the property is huge - parts are clearly well designed with trails and paths - parts are left to grow naturally - fields are well manicured... and yet the cows are set free.  Whatever the reason a part of me is happy to know that someone cares... (bigger versions)

To be allowed to exist in a safe and fertile environment with dignity is a great thing - perhaps easily forgotten, overlooked or ignored in the world today... (bigger versions)