Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Perhaps I dream in watercolors...

This morning I woke with a vague remnant of an idea that maybe I dream in watercolors... It was one of those strange fragments of thought that seems to have importance - but for which reasons don't exist.  (bigger versions)

From time to time thought like this will come to me - just appear in my head without warning - and sometimes they persist for a bit - they almost insist that I consider them... (bigger versions)

Maybe I do really dream in watercolors... forms of the world based on ideas and thoughts - not quite abstract - enough to hint but not to reveal.  (bigger versions)

Maybe that's why my dreams are so comfortable - a world with suggestions and possibilities and devoid of the hard edges of obstacles - unlimited and drifting what little I remember of them always seems not to be a task but rather a journey... (bigger versions)