Friday, May 14, 2010

Hatchlings... (almost 8 weeks)

More and more of the little frogs are completing metamorphosis now (perhaps 11 of about 100ish tadpoles).  While many can hop and sit like an adult, only a few have torn the last membrane holding the jaws closed. (bigger versions)

While they still spend most of their time in the water, some are figuring out how to find stable places to rest - they seem to stay for a few minutes and then randomly jump away to a new place.  (bigger versions)

Surprisingly it seems that they all have enough visual differences in their patterning to be identified as individuals.  Moreover, they already seem to have different preferences for places to rest and tend to return to the same places after venturing about.  (bigger versions)

Some also seem to prefer not to be alone... some of the tadpoles would hangout in groups from time to time while others stayed rather independent... it seems this behavior variation carries to later in life as well... (bigger versions)

Many project images here: