Monday, May 10, 2010

Hatchlings... (about 7 weeks)

Well today we have our first "almost" frog... Two days ago the front legs appeared on this one, yesterday they were a bit bigger and the tail began to shorten - today it began to breath air. (bigger versions)

Next to some siblings one can see the changes in head shape and the reduction in the tail.  Interestingly the changes seem to be due tot he reduction of the translucent layer first.  (bigger versions)

 The changes to the mouth involve the reshaping of the entire underlying bone structure - the tiny mouth has so far remained unchanged.  The ports from the gills seems to have closed over the last day and the tissues seem to be pulled drown towards the abdomen.  Muscle development has very rapidly increased on the limbs, the toes have also rapidly elongated. (bigger versions)

Most of the tadpoles (about 100) are at much earlier stages of development - perhaps 50% have rear legs - one other tadpole has developed front legs this morning.  (bigger versions)

Many project images are here: