Monday, May 3, 2010

Hatchlings... (about 6 weeks) 2

At about 6 weeks old this was one of three (out of perhaps 100 or so) that appeared to have the most developed legs.  Overall the body isn't larger in mass than the others and the more differentiated ones don't seem to be eating more.  (bigger versions)

More "packs" have been forming recently - groups of 3 to 6 seem to aggregate and rest near the bottom and the groups disperse together, but they don't swim together.  (bigger versions)

Interestingly, while all are developing larger hearts, larger gills and mouth complexity - some appear to be forming a ridge along the ventral abdomen.  This type of change does not seem linked to the leg formation and rather seems to occur independently of leg state. (bigger versions)

One tadpole seems to have found out that the newly formed legs can be used to balance on the bottom... (bigger versions)

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