Thursday, May 6, 2010

The best laid plans…

One of the most comfortable things to me is that all things change. No matter how well we plan, how carefully we build, no matter how hard we try to protect what we create it will all be lost eventually. (bigger versions)

These old railroad tracks have been left to be reclaimed by nature. Unmaintained the ties are rotting, the foundation shifts, the rails twist and deform. Trees begin to grow closer and soon the path of man will be forgotten. Great effort created this rail, a critical infrastructure for the time - and now it lingers - becoming a bit more like the words around - a bit less like it's intended form each day.

On the surface one might expect that impending loss would be something to cause angst rather than comfort. The more time one spends outside with nature, the more the beauty of the cycles of creation and destruction becomes clear. Everything has to have a lifespan for the world to be dynamic, for new potential to be realized, and even for there to be meaning in a moment of existence. Life exists right on that edge of trying to advance and trying to stay the same.