Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unexpected learning...

There are times while playing around that one accidentally discovers something unexpected. A while ago I made a quick composite out of a sequence of images of an eagle fishing - farther away than I wanted, but when put together in a composite revealed quite a bit of information about exactly how the wings move, how the light catches form, how much happens when the camera blinks. Rather mundane and boring, this composite ended up being one of the most important tools to my improvement to be able to take the "good" eagle images in the later weeks.

More recently I happened to be laying down out in a field and the way the sun was falling I had a thought to try playing around with a wide angle lens. For some reason I always have trouble understanding how wide angle images will come out. So I popped a 12-24 on the D300s on a tripod, set the shutter speed high, 7fps and played catch with the dog.

On review of the images I found that while none gave the form I wanted, when I put them together (quick and dirty layer masks in CS4) I could create another tool to improve not just my understanding of light, but more importantly how wide angle lenses "see" the world.  Since then I have (when the light was right) made a few more such composites.

While I am not yet able to make the images I intend here, I still pour over these and each time learn a little more... get a little closer to understanding how it all fits together. There is something special about mixing little parts of time together - it reveals things unseen... time (the most elusive element) leaves a shadow...

Bigger versions here