Friday, April 9, 2010

Hatchlings (day 13)...

A few days ago the underside revealed an increasingly long and coiled digestive tract but now the migrating and expanding pigmented cells are forming a cover over the area.  The sides of the body around the lower half are pinching in as the head is becoming defined.

The tail is now increasingly capable of twisting along it's axis allowing greater control of body position and much faster acceleration.

The mouth parts are much better organised and seem to be quite efficient at scraping algae off hard surfaces as well as tearing off little bits of vegetative matter.  The beaks are becoming stronger and the labial teeth are becoming less dominant.  It sees that some sort of muscle array is driving the beaks while the teeth are just suspended in the blebby cup area of the mouth.  Most of the pigmented cells are migrating away from the bottom of the upper body.

While it is becoming harder to see through the tadpole, the respiratory and circulatory organs are becoming more defined.