Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hatchlings... (almost three weeks)

Another set of interesting changes seems to be happening in the structure of the eye.  A few days ago tissue around the eye had retracted and moved away forming the beginning of a socket.  Now additional tissue has formed next to the eye forming a ridge.

This ridge sees to be important for two things.  First it seems to be allowing alight movement and changes in alignment of the eye relative to the body.  Not all of the tadpoles seem to be able to move their eyes yet, but I suspect that over the next few days this will become common.  Also, the ridge around the eye seems to be providing a stronger support for the lens.

The lens forming in the eye seems to be associated with some information other than simple light intensity.  The tadpoles are routinely aligning themselves relative to environment structures and some are moving in groups for a few moments.  The eyes are separating more from the nasal holes and as the from of the head elongates the possible view of vision is increasing.

Under that cap over the lower torso something is happening...