Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring toads...

The snow really seems to be gone for the season and after a few days of warmer weather the sounds of spring have returned. In the early mornings and evenings one can hear the frogs and toads calling out and grouping together, but my attempts to find eggs in the ponds have up until now been fruitless. (bigger versions)

Then we had rain and thunderstorms yesterday… Against my better judgment I ventured out with a camera and quickly became soaked wading through ponds. While I didn't find eggs yet, I did find some american toads doing their best to make them.

Hopefully tonight I will find eggs (Nature's hope for the future). It usually takes about two weeks for them to hatch and them another 2 or 3 weeks for them to transform. The last few years we had a dry period after the early spring and not many survived. It's been much wetter than usual so far so I have hope that it will be a great year for these little fellows. Something just seems a little more right with the world when the amphibians are doing well. (bigger versions)