Monday, March 29, 2010

Hatchlings... (day 5)

Spring is such a happy time, life comes back to the world again and every days there is something new to see.  Recently I collected a small part of an egg mass where the embryos were just beginning to hatch.  By the next morning all the embryos were freely swimming about and I went back to the pond to bring some grasses for them to eat.  By the fourth day it was clear that they were all growing but the tupperware wasn't going to be sufficient for very long... time to setup an aquarium...

After adding a few simple freshwater plants, some gravel and airstones I began to transfer the little ones (along with all the happy little pond organisms)... surprisingly all of them adapted quickly and seemed rather comfortable in their artificial pond.

Everyday they seem to change (actually every few hours they seem to look different).  This is the fifth day since they began to hatch.  The morphology of the tails is becoming much more defined and the internal parts of the body are becoming enlarged.
The mouth is beginning to protrude a bit and the eyes now have a visible pupil.  On day 3 the eyes were just darkened lumps.

They seem to eat bits of decaying plants and like to chase around the daphnia and other tiny pond life.  Some of them go crazy for tiny pieces of boiled lettuce.

Most of my images following their development will be here: