Sunday, December 13, 2009

Special places...

Sometimes I find a specific location that I keep going back to throughout the seasons. I study the way the light changes as the sun moves, the weather changes, the plants develop and the animals behave. I develop an affinity for certain places and they become comfortable places, places where I feel I should be at times... (bigger versions)

This particular location at Great Falls National Park in Maryland is probably well known to many photographers that shoot there often. It isn't the place most people travel but it's not hidden. What's special here is that for a few minutes almost every morning there is the potential for really special light. On this day the sun rises far behind and off to the left - as it approaches a crest of a hill it it forced through the trees and that narrow band is all that illuminates another set of trees across the potomac and the light reflecting back off them off the river and then reflected up to me. Otherwise only a few high scattered clouds above bounce a small amount of light unfiltered by the trees across the entire area. From one place (maybe 20 feet wide) for a short amount of time (less than a minute) there is the potential for light that really appeals to me.