Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moments of knowing...

There are times when I come across something that just resonates with me... I know it's an image that I want to capture but I don't have the time to think about exactly how I want to capture it - to get into the right position - to setup equipment - or any of the hundreds of other adjustments and preparations I try to make before I set out for a session. (bigger versions)

Sometimes I just have time to experience it before the moment is lost. Othertimes I do the best I can before the moment is lost. It's a tradeoff really... on one hand I get to experience it more fully (but with no lasting record, no image to go back to) and on the other I get a fragment of a memory that I never fully experienced and am left only with a bit of hope that I can salvage something of value.

Most of the time I choose to just experience the moment. For about 15 minutes I watched this fox reposition itself in slowly moving bits of sun breaking through after a rainstorm. I threw away the opportunity for the best shots when it was curled up in the falling rain, when it was still dripping wet and stretching out, when the steam from the heat of the sun formed a bit of fog, and just experienced it... I only have two images, one of a moment unaware I was watching and one where it knew I was there... I hope every day to improve my ability to know the right moment to shoot, because the moment I choose forever changes what I would have experienced if I had just waited... (bigger versions)